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5th January 2009.

( - BLUE DAY )

Well, first things first - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM & MR HARRINGTON :D

Today was the forst day back at school, not exactly what I expected really. C'mon, from the second I stepped out of my house all I see is rain and snow - Now tell me that's a good start to a day.Because I kinda like left my house late-ish, I had to go Tescos - which means I couldn't go Sainsburys to get my prawn mayonaise sandwich :( So I had to settle with Prawn salad. 

When walking into school, I saw Mr Harrington, and because I felt overly mad this morning, I just screamed out HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY SIRRRRRR. Lol. Haha. Oooo yeah, and when I was actually in school - after I bought my toastie - guess who I saw!!!!!!!!!! Lol, no she is not a famous celeb. but oh wells, she'll do :D:D Lol, I saw TASHA! Lol - Tasha, be happy that I was happy to see you! Lol hehe. We'reeee sickkkkk; in registration we was talking politics ;) Lol, precisely - the whole Palestine vs. Isreal business. ( Y )

Newais, the day just went as usual really, hugs and kisses to everyone I aint seen ect ect..

Me and Tasha had salad!! Lol, only because lunch at school today was SHIT. Even the cold lunch wasnt nice. Lol, so we happily shared my prawn salad - which might I say was MUCH better then it looks lol.

Then after that fun - lol - we went to sit with MCC ( Maths Corridor Crew - Our group of friends ) and well we was just talking 'bout New Year Resolutions, and how a group we should all go out more together, because last year when we never, that all started the bitching and two-faced-ness that has become of the maths corridor people.

ENGLISH was sick, swearrr downnnn. Lol, me and Tacha were talking bout how we LOVE Edward Cullen ;) and how we would LOVE to be vampiressss, Lol. Then Angela - my sisterrr from another misterrr (: - and Tatiana joined in, and all of us started talking bout the Twilight Saga, and how we would love it if someone was to turn us to vampires. Lol, then Angela had to bring us back to Earth and come out with "You know what I hate...the fact that vampires don't actually exist.." :(

Then came music. Probably the most boring lesson everr. And there's me thinking I wanted to go into a career in musicc.. Aha BUN DAT! Lol, Dior slept throughout the lesson -LUKY! And Tacha partly slept - the rest of the lesson we was talking bout..... TWILIGHT and of course the other books Lol.

After school me, Tacha and Tasha went out :D...
First we went ribbon shop, cuz like I needed ribbons ini. And OMG!! I got like 6 ribbons for like £4-75 !!! RIP OFFF ALIEE. Ahh whateverrrr, they loser. ;) Lol, then we went Notting Hill to get Tacha 'Breaking Dawn' :D Cuz like she hasnt red it yet.. Anyways, I swear, when we saw it weee gott sooooooooo HAPPPYYYYYY, and we were soo luky as wel, cuz that was the last one there!! How luckyyy is Tachaa lol. Haha, then wen we went to pay, the woman at the counter was like "Is that the last one?!? What, I was gonna get it..." and she kept blabing on Lol. Then we went Maccy D'szz..... and as tradition - lol - we did the hole 'share fries between us three' thing again LOL. Oooo then I saw Honor - my little midget from football - anddd aww bless her little shocked face was thee onee! Lol haha. After that we just walked down to Bush, yes I said WALKED! Lol, well technically, me and Tacha walked all the way to her house really; but thats if you wanna get technicall ;) ..Lol.

As soon as me and Tacha got to her house, we turned the computer on and watched the Twilight / New Moon / Eclipse / Breaking Dawn trailers, and all the other Edward and Bella things that were there ;) Now thats what you call dedicated NUMBER ONE fans. :D iSwear, we got sooo happy, i dont know bout Tacha but when I saw the New Moon trailer I swearrrr I felt like cryinggg :'D Lol..

Anyway, I left her house and I missed the 316 :( And I had to wait like 20minutes ( I think ) for a 295 to come, and pluss it was freezing cold, and it was dark n I was on my own.. - you're supposed to feel sympathetic now ;) Haha.

I went Sainburys then, and bought BLONDE hair dye, hoping that now i've gone for a lighter shade my hair color will actualyy change. Lol.

Erm, my hands are tired. Lol, i'll write more tomorow I guess... :D

LOVE YOU - Only if I know you. Lol..

Twilight Saga.

Soooo Happy.
In 5days, I red all the books.
Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. :D

iLovee Edward and Bella :D lol
and I don't like Jacob. Lol
I find him imprinting on Renesmee really erm Paedophilic (if thats a word). lol


First Entry..

I Only Made This So iCan Chat With Tasha, LOL

Tacha -Beee Veryy Gratefull Lol.

Hmm How Do iAdd Fwendsz?
Hahaaaaa x



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